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New Tyres in Esher

You don’t need to spend vast amounts of money to get the best tyres for your car. Simply bring your vehicle to the team at Clocktower Auto Centre, and we’ll have new tyres at great prices ready to fit. You can also leave your registration number with us, using our online tyre check service, above, or enter the dimensions of your tyre and search by tyre size.

We make sourcing, choosing and fitting tyres for your vehicle a quick and easy process. Furthermore, with our professional tyre fitters always here to help, you’ll never have more than a short wait. For new tyres in Esher, look no further than the dedicated team here at Clocktower and get in touch with us today.

Cheap New Tyres in Esher

If you’ve recently noticed that your car isn’t steering or braking as comfortably, don’t worry. It could be something as simple as low tread on your tyres, which means a straightforward job for us when taking care of it. Specialising in full-service car maintenance and repair, whether the problem is your tyres or something else, we’ll quickly identify it and come up with a solution.

If tyres are the problem, we’ll only ever advise you to replace them if it’s absolutely necessary, to ensure you’re not spending money that you don’t need to. Rest assured that your four wheels will be in experienced, professional hands at all times when you visit us at Clocktower Auto Centre.



Esher New Tyres Specialists

If you’ve never purchased new tyres for your car before or aren’t sure how to correctly measure your tyres, take a look at the handy guide below. Here, you can make sense of the various numbers that appear on the side tread of your tyres, but may also be present on a sticker just inside the driver’s door of your car.

Once you know these basic principles of how tyres are measured, you’ll have no trouble with ordering replacements or understanding what the correct pressure should be in your tyres. If you have any other questions for us, simply give us a call, send an email or drive in to see us at your convenience.

Esher New Tyres FAQs

This acronym stands for ‘pounds per square inch’, and it is the common unit for the measurement of pressure. This equates to how much force is present in a specific area, such as a tyre. As the force increases, so does the pressure – but, where the area decreases, the pressure drops.

It's normal for tyres to lose a little air every month, even when the tyres are in otherwise good condition. It's recommended that you check your tyres regularly and never wait longer than six months to inflate these tyres, as their pressure can drop to dangerously low levels.

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