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At Clocktower Auto Centre, we specialise in keeping our clients’ cars in peak condition throughout the year. Naturally then, a big part of what we do involves providing the certification you need to validate your insurance, and drive without worrying about the quality of your tyres, emissions, and more. Usually in no more than one hour, we can provide all the essential checks you need to get your MOT certificate, although you’ll be the very first to know if any parts don’t pass first time. If this is the case, one of our experienced professional mechanics will talk you through the repairs required, and work out a reasonable cost to you for the job.

MOT Centre in Shepperton

More on our prices – we pride ourselves on offering one of the cheapest MOTs you’ll find near Shepperton. We don’t want you ever paying any more than you need to just to keep your car on the road for another year, so we assure you you’ll get incredible value for money at our test centre. Even if you need new tyres, or new parts ordering, we’ll happily sort everything out for you as quickly as possible. In many circumstances, we’ll be able to offer you same-day repairs and replacements, and never leave you without your car for long. Since the day we opened, we’ve been wholeheartedly dedicated to our customers and their vehicles.

MOT test centre in Shepperton

Another incredibly handy service we offer to every car owner is our free of charge MOT reminder service. You can either leave your details with us when you come in for your MOT near Shepperton, or pop them in the online form, which you’ll find below. You’re under no obligation to book your MOT with us, but we’ll happily send you a reminder of when it’s due, one month before the date itself. Our customers find this to be a very practical service, as they’re never suddenly shocked to find that the date of the MOT has suddenly appeared on the calendar. For car and Class 4 MOTs near Shepperton, visit the team at Clocktower Auto Centre.



It’s advised to at least check your oil before your car’s MOT. As an emissions test is one of the core aspects of an MOT, if your oil levels are inadequate then your car could fail an emissions test – simply because the test centre will not be able to run it.

Believe it or not, this isn’t another “old wives’ tale!” You won’t fail an MOT for having a dirty vehicle, but it’s essential that your number plate is clean, and that the effectiveness of your lights isn’t compromised by smudgy glass.

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