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Buy new car tyres at the very best prices at our purpose-built auto centre in West Molesey. With a wide range of brands, performance-types, and widths to suit a broad range of vehicles, our expert tyre fitters will give you peak performance, at an incredible price, on every visit. With years of experience in the business, we can offer advice on the tyres that are right for your car or van, and leave you driving away with peace of mind, not to mention high quality tyres professionally fitted for your vehicle! With such an extensive stock of tyres available, we can even offer cheap new tyres that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else – if you’ve been looking for “new tyres for my car”, then look no further. We’ve got the products and services you need right here.

Cheap New Tyres West Molesey

Whether you’re specifically looking for tyres right now, or your car is trying to tell you that it’s time for one or all four to be replaced, we’re highly likely to have them in stock right now. Use our handy tyre guide, below, or search by your registration, above, and then come to us for expert tyre fitting in West Molesey. You can either leave your vehicle with us for a few hours, or wait while we get straight to work on getting your new tyres fitted. We’ll perform all the required tests to ensure your tyres are roadworthy, and be on hand if you have any other questions about other aspects of your vehicle’s performance.

Tyre's Guide

If you’re not entirely sure what you need, take a look at this handy guide to understand how tyres are selected. As you can see, it’s more than just the brand and the width – our tyre fitters consider every element of your tyre when supplying and fitting the right product for you. Call or email us for more information on choosing the right tyres.


You’ll notice several signs while you’re driving, including how well the car is gripping on the road or how responsive your brakes feel. If you begin to notice that your vehicle is slower when coming to a stop, this is a telltale sign your tyres need looking at. You may also pick up on more vibrations in the road, see cracks in the sidewall of tyres, or notice unusual noises, particularly while using your brakes.

You are required by law to have an absolute minimum tread depth of 1.6mm all around, continuously, the three quarters of the tyre that makes up its centre (the area that’s in most contact with the road). You can judge this by checking the mould tread bars that manufacturers, including the most notable brands in the business, often fit on their tyres – or ask a professional to take a look, if you’ve begun to pick up on telltale signs of everyday wear and tear.

You can find this out yourself by looking at the markings on the sidewall of a tyre. This will show you the specific load index for your tyre, and is also known as PSI (Pounds per square inch). This is the standard measurement of pressure, and, although ideal tyre pressure can change, depending on the vehicle, you will usually by expected to have around 32 psi.

You can decipher the correct tyre size required for your car by checking the tyre page in your vehicle handbook. However, if you can’t find the document, or it was missing when you purchased your car, then you can again turn to the inside wall of your tyre or see if the label inside the driver’s-side door tells you more. Above, you’ll see a small diagram which shows you how to check the size of your tyres, by establishing the width, profile, rim size, speed, load and brand.

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