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New Car Tyres in Kingston Upon Thames

If your car is in need of one, two, or four brand new tyres, get in touch with the team at Clocktower Auto Centre. With a whole host of brand new tyres, including leading brand tyres, right here in our purpose-built auto centre, we can help you choose a replacement and have it fitted in next to no time. With a team of experienced, professional mechanics on hand seven days every week, you’ll be able to keep your car safe and secure on the road with minimal fuss. Even if you’re not sure of the size and spec you need, one of the team will help you make the professional choice.

Cheap new tyres Kingston

If money is tight at the moment, you don’t need to compromise the safety of your vehicle when you visit our auto centre near Kingston. We keep our costs as low as possible, in everything from new tyres, to labour costs for fitting them. This way, you, and the rest of our wonderful customers will always have that extra peace of mind when it comes to car maintenance. Simply call, text, email, or drive on down to see us, and we’ll get your car booked in and ready to go in no time. Your local tyre specialist near Kingston is open every day of the week.



Kingston Car Tyre Centre

If you’re not sure which new tyres your car needs, no problem. You can either leave that bit up to us, or find the size of your tyres by checking the details highlighted on the guide below.

Then, by inputting the letters and numbers in the form at the top of this page, you can find the ideal tyres for your car. It’s up to you whether you want to organise the supply and fit of the tyres yourself, or have them fitted by us for just a small fee. And for any other concerns you have with your car, our team are always here to assist you and your vehicle in any way.


It’s recommended not to have different tyres on the same axle (front or rear). However, having different sets of tyres on the front and rear of your vehicle isn’t such a problem. When having two new tyres fitted, they should usually go on to the rear axle.

On the sidewall of your tyres, you’ll see the letters ‘DOT’. Beside these letters are four numbers, which represent the week of the year, and the year itself, that the tyre was manufactured (e.g, 0217 = 2nd week of the year 2017).

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