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Mobile Car Recovery West Molesey

Your car can break down at any time, often an especially inopportune one. When this occurs, our skilled mechanics can be quickly in action, travelling to your car and carrying out diagnosis and repair work there and then. However, if the problem turns out to be beyond roadside repair, your only option might be to have the car recovered by a breakdown vehicle which will then transport it to a garage or other destination for repairs. If your car has broken down near our West Molesey base, and you are Googling “car recovery near me”, consider tasking our breakdown recovery specialists with paying you with a visit and taking your vehicle to a place where it can get the help it needs – whether that place is a garage, your home or another location of your choice.

Car Recovery in West Molesey

You can never be certain exactly if or when a breakdown will happen – and, when it does, you could feel fraught with nervousness. Even if you hold a breakdown insurance policy, it might not quite cover your specific recovery needs – which, of course, you could struggle to predict ahead of time anyway. For example, there might be a strict limit on how many miles a breakdown service could take you before the policy no longer covers it. Reassuringly, though, if your car breaks down in the Surrey town of West Molesey or one of the many surrounding areas,
we can take that vehicle anywhere within this coverage area – even as far as our garage in West Molesey should we decide that we need to take the car back there to repair it.

Car Recovery Guide

Though vehicle breakdowns can often be resolved on the roadside by experienced mechanics like those under our wing, this still leaves a small proportion of vehicles that can remain immobile regardless of a well-intentioned mechanic's tinkering. If a mechanic determines that your car can be fixed, but only at a garage, they might recommend a car recovery service. Typically, this is where a breakdown vehicle comes along and transports the affected car and its driver and passengers to a garage, where the damaged vehicle will be repaired. However, if you request it, we can alternatively return your car to your home address or workplace - the decision is yours. If you don't have a roadside assistance plan covering the mobile recovery service you need, please give us a call.


Your primary concern should be your own safety. I’ve you’ve broken down on a busy road, and are unable to move your car to a safe location, put your hazard warning lights on and, if safe, leave your vehicle. If possible, leave your vehicle on the hard shoulder, or as far to the left of the road as you can, and turn the wheels to the left. You may need to exit your vehicle through the passenger side in some circumstances.

If your car has broken down and you can’t move it onto the hard shoulder, or if there is no hard shoulder, stay in your vehicle unless you’re certain it’s safe to exit. Call the emergency services primarily, if you cannot get out, and stay in the vehicle with your seatbelt fastened and your hazard lights on until emergency services arrive.

Your recovery service will usually offer to take you home, or to a location of your choice, if this is specified in your insurance. If you have called a local recovery service, you could ask them to take your car to their local garage, or drive you and your vehicle home, if nearby. If you use a different garage usually, you could also ask if it’s possible for it to be taken there for repair.

If your car has broken down overnight, and the issue is not with the battery, check if your insurance covers you for a call out. If not, contact a local garage and ask if they can provide a recovery service. You will usually have to pay for this service, so ask the cost when you call them. In some circumstances, you may be able to negotiate the price, or otherwise shop around if the quote you’ve received seems unreasonable.

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