MOT Reminder

Free MOT Reminders sent to every registered client

Even though it comes around once every year, doesn’t the MOT date just seem to creep up you every time? So that you can effectively plan to keep your vehicle on the road, by simply leaving your details below, we’ll send you a timely reminder when it’s time for its MOT again.

Then, with nothing to worry about for 11 months, we’ll send you a reminder when it’s one month from the date of your next MOT. If you haven’t responded within two weeks, we’ll even give you a polite nudge to let you know that the time is now getting slightly closer.

You can also arrange for us, for a small fee, to collect and drop off your vehicles on the day of the MOT itself. Even if the MOT reveals a problem, we’ll happily discuss your options, complete the repairs, and hopefully see you again in another 12 months.

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