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You should be careful not to underestimate the importance of your car’s clutch. This part of a manual transmission car connects its engine to the gearbox and allows you to change gear as the engine continues running. However, a clutch can be prone to wear and tear, especially if you often change gear, as can be necessary if you often drive in a bustling city or on hilly areas. A failing clutch can evidence itself in warning signs such as a grinding noise or shuddering when you use it. However, our clutch specialists in West Molesey and surrounding areas can inspect your own car’s clutch at no charge and then replace that component if we deem this move the most sensible option for ensuring the vehicle continues to benefit from a working clutch.

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As your clutch is largely concealed from ready view, you might not detect signs of a potential clutch problem until you are driving. However, our mechanics are experts in quickly discerning whether a clutch is indeed at fault for such worrying developments as clutch slippage and difficulty with shifting gears. A clutch consists of several parts, including discs, a spring system and a pedal – and we can replace any of these parts independently of the others, should we see fit. However, if the flywheel needs to be replaced, the whole clutch must be replaced with it. Replacing a clutch in this way can be expensive, which is why we pride ourselves on charging competitive prices for the new clutches we stock for a wide variety of car makes and models.

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Typically, a clutch should last about 60,000 miles before replacing that component becomes necessary. However, if your driving style doesn't require you to use your clutch quite as often as the average driver, you might be able to clock up significantly more than 100,000 miles before you need to replace the clutch. To prolong the working life of your clutch, keep it fully depressed or fully released and avoid pressing it in unnecessarily, such as at traffic lights. However, a clutch will still need replacing sooner or later. For this reason, we advise that drivers near our West Molesey garage arrange for our mechanics to carry out a free clutch performance check. We will keep you informed of the necessary work and its cost before we get underway with that work.


It’s not widely known that there are aspects of every car that are not usually covered by a warranty. What are classified as ‘wear and tear’ components are the responsibility of the vehicle owner to pay for, if repairs are required. This includes the likes of wiper blades, but also brake pads, tyres, and clutches, which will encounter various wear and tear depending on how, where, and in what conditions the car is driven

As you may have encountered on occasions, you can grind your gears even with a fully functioning and perfectly performing clutch. However, if this is happening more often, without any fault of your own, the clutch could be on its way out. Driving with a severely damaged clutch can cause long term and costly damage to the transmission overall, so take your car to a mechanic if you have any concerns.

This may come as a surprise, but the clutch is not tested during an annual MOT, which doesn’t look at the mechanical condition of your car. However, during a service this element, and many others will be tested, and any problems highlighted by the mechanic who performs the test. If a problem with your clutch is highlighted, then it will be explained to you what needs replacing, how long this will take, and what the cost will be.

You’ll feel most of the telltale signs while you’re driving, but as a clutch going can be a gradual process, it’s sometimes easy to miss at first. Poor acceleration when revving the engine, or difficulty changing gear can be one sign, while squeaking and juddering when the clutch is pressed is another clear sign. The clutch may also start to feel different, as though it’s sticking as you’re pressing it, or vibrating more than you’re used to.

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