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Car Wash in West Molesey

For as long as people have been owning and driving cars, people have been enthusiastic about keeping these treasured vehicles in their best condition, too. These days, a car isn’t just a vehicle for getting from A to B – it can practically serve as a sumptuous piece of art. Key to keeping a car looking good is keeping it clean – but, if you lack the time or patience to wash your car manually, you can always benefit from our hard-earned expertise in preserving that factory-fresh look on automobiles. From just £7.00, you can come to us and have your car hand-washed, waxed and dried, and leave it shining. For £15.00 we’ll also clean your windows, inside and out, wax, dry and vacuum the vehicle,  or perform a full valet for a little extra cash.

Car Valeting in West Molesey

We can tailor our services to ensure that your car is cleaned to your requirements, however exacting. Whether you opt for a simple wash or a more extensive makeover, we will use strictly the best cleaning products for your vehicle. You don’t have to contend with filling and emptying buckets or attaching extension cables – and our car valeting provides an especially personalised level of service. Our valeting work can extend to polishing and waxing the bodywork, cleaning the wheels and applying more than a little polish to the glass. We can refresh your car literally inside and out, vacuuming such areas as the seats and carpets and wet-cleaning soiled upholstery and trim. You will be left with a car that looks as though it has just left the showroom.

Car Wash Guide

Washing your car manually can be a cumbersome, time-draining endeavour - especially if you lack the relevant equipment and supplies and, for that matter, the experience and expertise to use them effectively. Hence, you might consider taking your car through a static, drive-through car wash at your local petrol station. However, bringing your car, 4x4, or MPV to our state-of-the-art cleaning centre enables you to tap into our specialist expertise in car washing and valeting. We also offer a mobile service whereby we will bring the water and power to you and clean the vehicle on-site. Therefore, even with a same day car wash service, you can look forward to seeing that unmistakable showroom shine on your automobile again.


Hand car washes usually range in price, from less than £10, to £20 and £30 for a full wash and thorough valet. The cost of the service will also be reflected in how long the service takes. For instance, a simple hand car wash can usually be done while you wait in the car, whereas a full valet will see you park up, and maybe leave your vehicle with the garage for a short time.

A hand car wash is usually more thorough, because a machine or automatic wash will not always reach every area of the vehicle. Hand car washes are also generally safer than a machine wash, essentially as a person will always apply the right pressure to the surface. Automatic car washes should only be used sparingly, while prolonged jet washing can cause long term damage to your vehicle.

If you’re keen to keep your car looking spotless, it’s worth having it waxed three-four times each year. A waxed car is also easier to wash, in between waxing, and actually helps to protect your paint job from minor irritants, that can eventually lead to damaged paint work – and subsequently a lower resale value of your vehicle.

As a rule, it’s worth washing your car and giving it a good clean inside every couple of weeks. On the outside, it will help to keep the surface free of debris while, inside, you can stop crumbs and dirt from building up and discolouring the interior. Regular washing also makes waxing the car, every three-four months, much easier. Combined, washing and waxing works to protect your paintwork from damage.

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