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Various warning signs can evidence a faulty exhaust in your car. For example, your car might emit a rumbling, roaring or hissing sound, or your fuel gauge could keep depleting strangely quickly. In instances like this in or close to West Molesey, we invite you to book your car in for a free, no-obligation exhaust inspection carried out by our expert mechanics. The inspection will entail us scrutinising your exhaust in detail to track down the source of the issue, enabling us to advocate an effective solution for your vehicle’s long-term efficiency. Typically, replacing – rather than repairing – the exhaust is the most cost-effective step forward, and we can take care of that responsibility for you.

Exhaust Replacement in West Molesey

At our garage in West Molesey, we keep a ready supply of competitively-priced exhausts compatible with various makes and models of car. As a result, if your vehicle does need an exhaust replacement in West Molesey or nearby, we can quickly spring into action with supplying and fitting that crucial component, leaving you with invaluable peace of mind. Our car exhaust fitting experts have built up years of experience and know how to tailor their service to meet the client’s specific needs in each case. From checking the exhaust to replacing it, should it come to that, we will keep you abreast of all developments – but, owing to the popularity of our exhaust checks, we urge you to arrange yours soon by getting in touch with us.

Car Exhausts Guide

Your car's exhaust serves various important purposes: it optimises the vehicle's fuel economy, reins in your CO2 emissions and - especially crucially for your safety on the road - prevents fumes from entering the cabin. All of this means that, if you suspect an issue with your exhaust, you should have your car checked, as most manufacturers advise that you do every six months or every 6,000 miles. Left untouched, a faltering exhaust system can even lead your vehicle to fail its MOT, rendering it no longer roadworthy - either practically or legally.

Car Exhausts Faq's

Your exhaust improves engine performance and fuel efficiency, but also works to reduce the noise level of your car’s engine, and also direct exhaust fumes away from passengers inside the vehicle. Since 1993, all car manufactures are legally required to be fitted with a catalytic converter, which works to remove harmful elements, including carbon monoxide, and convert them into safer gases.

Ever hear an especially loud car alongside you in traffic, or pass you in the street? This doesn’t always mean power, and can be a crystal-clear indication that the time has come to check the exhaust. Noisy engines, strange vibrations from the acceleration pedal or steering wheel, and decreased fuel efficiency are all things that could indicate your exhaust needs some attention.

While modern exhaust systems are built to last far longer than older exhausts, it is still recommended to get your exhaust checked twice each year, or at the very least annually, as part of your car servicing. This way, minor damage, including cracks, corrosion, and higher levels of pollutants are more likely to be dealt with earlier, rather than leaving them too late and incurring extra costs.

Overall performance will always be affected, as the engine relies on its exhaust system to perform properly. Alongside vibrations and loud noises, which can be distracting, you will notice reduced fuel efficiency, meaning that you’ll be spending more money to drive the same distances. In rare circumstances, high levels of carbon monoxide can leak into the vehicle while you’re inside.

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