Car Brakes

Car Brake Centre West Molesey

If you’ve begun to notice telltale signs that your brakes are starting to go, then swing by to see us as soon as you can and we’ll take a look. From checking the quality of your brakes, to brake pads fitted on the spot, we’ll quickly diagnose and resolve the problem. Even if it turns out that there’s nothing to worry about right now, we’re happy to dedicate time and attention to your vehicle without you incurring any unnecessary expense. In fact, if cost is a concern, you can be reassured that cheap brakes repairs and replacements, performed at high quality, are one of our specialities. When you drive in to see us, you’ll be met by one of the Clocktower Auto Centre team, who can arrange to have cheap brake pads and discs fitted, if required, in just a short time.

Brake Check and Replacement

The efficiency of your brakes will be tested by placing your vehicle on a decelerometer, which will show us exactly how well they’re performing – and how they’ve been faring on the road. Brake pads fitted while you wait is a service that we offer to everyone who visits us, so you’ll never have to wait long to be back on the road. If you’re concerned about how much brake pads and discs cost to fit, then rest assured that our services are designed to give you absolute value for money – with added peace of mind free of charge. If we find that the problem lies elsewhere, in the tread of your tyres for instance, then we’ll let you know and happily discuss your options there and then, and give you time to make the best decision for you and your vehicle.

Car Brakes Guide

As the most essential safety feature in your car, it’s important that any problems are quickly investigated, and that your brakes are checked regularly. Whether it’s as part of your car servicing, or as and when you need someone to take a look, at Clocktower Auto Centre in West Molesey we’re on hand to keep you vehicle in pristine condition. The moment you spot a brake warning light on your dashboard, or notice that it’s taking longer to brake than usual, either give us a call or pop in and see us. Other things to look out for are the responsiveness of your brake pedal, the car veering to one side when braking, an unusually ‘tough’ brake pedal, and extra vibrations through the pedal as you’re driving.

Car Brakes Faq's

Brake pads, which usually need to be replaced more often than brake discs, connect with the brake discs. Together, they reduce the speed of the car. Pads are made from many materials, including iron, copper, steel and graphite, while brake discs are more robust, and made from steel and iron. Brake discs work to absorb the heat caused by friction, when the car is slowing down, while brake pads are applying the pressure that causes the car to eventually stop.

Your brakes will let you know when they’re struggling. Loud squeaking and squealing indicate a problem is afoot, while an unnatural grinding sound suggests that your brake pads are wearing out. Also, if your brake pedal begins to vibrate more vigorously than usual, it’s time to take your brake pads in to get checked. Some cars will also show you, with a light on the dashboard, that your brake pads are starting to wear dangerously thin.

Depending on how you use your car will often define how frequently you need a brake check. Driving lots of short journeys tends to wear brakes down quicker than driving long, daily commutes. Essentially, if you ever suspect that your brakes need some attention, get in touch with a professional and take your car to a garage as soon as possible.

While brake pads especially will wear out from time to time, and brake discs less often, how you drive will be the biggest factor in determining the lifespan of your brakes. Driving at high speed means you’ll be slowing down more severely, while driving with a full car and boot also puts more strain on your brakes. Also, be sure to not tap the brake pedal while still accelerating.

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