Air Con Regas in West Molesey

If you switch on your car’s air conditioning and find that the blowing air isn’t as cold as it used to be, the problem could lie deep in the vehicle’s AC system. However, specialists at our West Molesey garage can regas your system by replacing its old refrigerant gas with new refrigerant. If you suspect that your car aircon needs regassing, we can inspect it and, if an aircon regas would indeed be the correct remedy, safely carry out this service. We know how inconvenient it can be when your car’s air con stops working as it should – but, dipping into our hard-earned expertise informed by years of experience, we can quickly restore that AC system to full working order without hitting you hard in the pocket.

Car Air Conditioning Specialists

When your car’s air conditioning system develops a fault, you could struggle to discern exactly how it originated. However, our team of skilled experts can scrutinise that AC system from top to bottom, enabling us to pick up on issues such as overflowing drain pans and disconnected drain lines. We can time-effectively fix most car AC problems, giving you the peace of mind that these issues won’t be allowed to snowball into potential crises. If we determine that a low refrigerant charge is the problem, replenishing that charge won’t take us longer than an hour. Then, you can be on your way again, enjoying comfortably cool air conditioning and confident that your AC system has been checked for other worrying issues, such as leaks.

Car Air Conditioning Guide

Working properly, your car's air conditioning doesn't just keep the vehicle's interiors cool as the outside temperature rises. During winter, when you approach your car only to notice that ice has formed on its windows, switching on the AC - provided it works as it should - can also help you to demist those windows. Hence, there is a safety aspect to maintaining the good working order of your AC, which can consist of many sensitive components warranting a professional's timely attention. A car aircon specialist can assess your system to verify that both its gas pressure and refrigerant oil suffice for the long road journey you might have ahead. In any case, rest assured that, with an expert touch, problems affecting a car's AC are usually easy to rectify.

Air Conditioning Faq's

You generally notice there’s a problem when your air con is blowing cool, but not as cold as you’d like. The problem could be that a filter has become clogged, there is an issue with the fan itself, or that it needs recharging. Usually, it means that a leak has occurred somewhere in the system, or even in the car’s radiator. Whatever the problem, a professional check will ensure you know how to resolve it.

The air conditioning is not usually checked, either during a regular car service or an MOT, as it’s not required for your car to be considered roadworthy. However, many manufacturers recommend a check on the AC system every two years, which can include refrigerant and oil being added to ensure that its system can perform at the right level for at least the next two years.

If your car simply isn’t cooling down, then it could be that the air conditioning system has started to leak. A refrigerant leak can occur at any time, and usually involves a part of the hose being loose or damaged. Water leaking into the system is less severe than refrigerant leaking in, and could be the difference between a simple clean of the system and a more time-consuming repair. An air conditioning system is pressurised, so even small leaks are part of a gradual deterioration.

When the system begins to function inadequately, there is the possibility that it needs recharging. A professional will need to remove the system and test it for leaks and damage before recharging it. Once any necessary repairs are carried out, the system will be recharged with new gas and replaced lubricant, to ensure it is fully functional again, before being re-installed in the vehicle.

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